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About Me

I am an experienced agile product design leader with over 15 years of working experience in leading and building web and mobile product design. My expertise is supported by a data-driven approach, combining design thinking processes and Agile methodology. 

I have extensive experience in enterprise solutions design and strategy. I successfully worked with Synctera, a fast-growing Fintech startup, to develop innovative services for banks and Fintechs. I also served industry-leading solution providers like SAP and Cisco, playing a key role in designing enterprise management and collaboration tools. My diverse work experience has equipped me with a wide range of skills and a unique perspective on solving complex design challenges.

In addition to my experience in enterprise design, I also have extensive experience in consumer design. As a the senior manager of mobile design team at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, I led the team to deliver innovative designs and solutions that met people's banking needs.

With the leadership mindset and years of experience managing teams of 10+ designers, I have consistently excelled in inspiring and guiding my colleagues. I optimized design processes to generate effective strategies and practical solutions. My approach aims to bring design strategy and vision in line with business objectives.

My passion for mentorship extends beyond the team. I actively contributes to the design community by volunteering as a mentor in DesignLab, where I shares my experiences, insights, and best practices with aspiring designers. I also use LinkedIn to share insightful posts that connect design skills with real-life experiences.

Somethings I'm proud of

  • Designer of the 1st Cisco WebEx iPhone meeting App

  • the 1st scrum master with UX designer role in SAP Labs

  • Building a design team from 0 to 10 in ZhongAn insurance

  • Leading a design team with 10+ talented designers in CIBC

  • 4 Quarterly Team Achiever Awards, CIBC

  • CIBC Mobile Banking awarded Best Mobile Banking App by Forrester, 2017-2020

  • Co-host of the Global Fintech Design Summit 2021

  • Co-create the 2021 AI Creativity Report for CREO

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