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About Me

I graduated in industrial design but started my career as a UX designer to design digital products. During the past 12 years from a rookie to a senior designer, I've been fortunate enough to work with smart people, amazing teams, to create wonderful products for enterprises and consumers.


I found myself enjoying the collaboration with people having different backgrounds or even in different time zones. I also enjoyed translating complex business needs into usable products and satisfying experiences. The technology inspires new experiences, but the principle keeps the same: be empathic & curious.


I’m also a people manager focusing on the success of designers and the team. Keeping the passion & creativity of a team is the key to win.


Besides work, I enjoyed contributing my experience with the designers' community and giving design thinking workshops to young kids to inspire their creativity in their life.

Somethings I'm proud of

  • Designer of the 1st Cisco WebEx iPhone meeting App

  • the 1st scrum master with UX designer role in SAP Labs

  • Building a design team from 0 to 10 in ZhongAn insurance

  • Leading a design team with 10+ talented designers in CIBC

  • 4 Quarterly Team Achiever Awards, CIBC

  • CIBC Mobile Banking awarded Best Mobile Banking App by Forrester, 2017-2020

  • Co-host of the Global Fintech Design Summit 2021

  • Co-create the 2021 AI Creativity Report for CREO

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