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Design Inspirations

Design is inspired by life and powered by creativity.

I enjoyed contributing my experience & creativity to the community, to encourage people see the fun parts of design, to empower kids strengthen their creativity.

Meantime, I learn from people and life. My family, friends, colleagues, everyone & everything in everyday can inspire me to think: how to design for a better life.

AI discovery


In my exploration of AI capabilities, I developed multiple GPTs in ChatGPT. One cool thing is to craft personalized stories for kids, complete with their own characters and pictures.

This venture involved the challenge of creating effective prompts and adjusting the story for kids. Now my kid loves it, and over 300 people have given it a try too!

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Co-founder of


This is a group of passionate designers aiming to improve and enhance public speaking and presentation skills as non-native speakers of English. We organized monthly free event to 

Co-founder of


This is a group of people around the world from high-tech industries, academia and schools focusing on bridging creativity, humanity, technology and education. We aim to integrate global resources to build a system of methods and courses to help people develop their AI Creativity.

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Portraits of Colleagues

​I created images for each colleague decided to pursue new opportunity. Though the leaving was a sad moment but we were happier for their new chapters.

The image told a story about how awesome the person is. It is not only for the memory but also for letting them know they're loved by the team.

Co-founder & Coach of

Design Thinking Workshop for Kids

I learned & practiced design thinking when worked in SAP. SAP used design thinking to co-innovate with employees, partners and customers.

With more and more experience of using the design thinking mindset in my projects, I realized it is not only a great process for enterprises to find the potential solutions, but also a great toolkits to inspire creativity of youth.

I launched the weekend workshops with the support from friends, to tell kids they have the most powerful tool to solve the problem in adult's world. In the sessions, we discovered topics like:

  • how to improve the efficiency of delivering newspaper?

  • how to create a furniture to be used in spaceship?

  • how to redesign a new tool for cutting-nails?

The kids started their projects by discovering and observation, then found ideas with group jam and created some prototypes for testing. They also trained their presentation skills by sharing the final outcomes with everyone.

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