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Handy Man

During COVID-19 pandemic, people were getting used to find handyman services online. And as people started working remotely, they might have the opportunity to share their professional skills/hobbies to help others in the community.

HandyMan is a platform for housework support and provider. It provides a community for people who need help with their housework to find handymen around, as well as those skillful persons to provide their services as a small business.


Lead UX designer

UI designer







We often meet “small problems” in daily life. For example, there’s a hole in the drywall of the garage, but I can’t repair it by myself, neither do I know where I can ask for help because most of the companies won’t take this “small” work. Meanwhile, there might be a senior people who are very handy and skillful. They might want to start a small business and support their neighbor. However, there’s no channel for those group to promote themselves. I want to design a social app, that can help the community get together, find help and provide little handy support.


We interviewed some friends & neighbours in WeChat and learned the use cases & pain points.


We started exploring some concepts to visualize our ideas & goals. It was started with brainstorming on paper then we used miro to organize the App structure.

Question to ourselves

  • What's the most benefit user using this App?

  • How user feel trust when using the App?

  • What information helps user to make decision?

  • What information will a service provider/handyman need before quote/offer?

Service Finder.png
Frame 2.png

User Testing

After created the hifi-mockups, we created a prototype and invited several neighbours in the community to evaluate the design. We received feedback on the registration flow, auto-match process and fees. The findings helped us to improve the business concept and supported the direction of final design.

iPhone 12 Pro 6.1_ Mockup.png


With the positive feedback from neighbour testing, our next plan is:

Design Enhancement
  • Adding the flow of service provider register

  • Improving the visuals

  • Building the offer system

Marketing & Promoting
  • Contacting service providers & community leaders

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