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More Projects

In the past 10+ years, I was luckily enough to get involved in 50+ key projects, leading the design or team with talented designers and world-class leaders.

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Apple Pay Integration

CIBC | Lead UX Designer

Designed the mobile experience of linking credit cards to Apple Pay.


The project included:

  • entry points & user onboarding

  • layout & flow on phone & tablet & watch

Design challenges:

  • simplify the flow of adding VISA Debit Card which has separated parts

  • help users easily find this new service with feature onboarding

  • collaborate with the Apple designers to ensure all the visuals and content we created met the Apple Pay branding guidelines

Error Prevention & Improvement

CIBC | Lead UX Designer & Design Manager

Improved the error experience & explored solutions to prevent errors.


The project included:

  • error message consolidation

  • accessibility enhancements


Design challenges:

  • Align with multi function groups (design, business, tech, content, accessibility). We organized 1-day design sprint to co-create potential options.

  • Empower designers in different projects to share opinions and find the global solution for all projects.

  • To improve the error experience, we also considered how to help users to avoid errors proactively by providing helpful content and redesigning the in-App support with knowledge page and chats.

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Search Improvement

CIBC | Lead UX Designer

Improved the in-App search experience with a concept.

The project included:

  • A concept combing global keyword-search & in-list searches, cross all projects.

  • A POC prototype

Design Challenges:

  • Analyze user reviews and telephone banking support calls to understand the issues on current search

  • Promote the idea with leaders

  • Get support from design strategy team to discover the potential value in future projects

App Loading Redesign

CIBC | Lead UX Designer

Improved the App loading experience by replacing the native loader with a customized animation.

Design Challenges

  • Explore, design & release within 30 days

  • Meet the accessibility requirements

Design process

  • Collect feedback with Internal testings: how fast/slow do users feel? Do they think it's more secure than before? did the accessibility users feel comfortable with/without the label?

  • Improve design with real user feedback: after release, we received users' feedback the App became slower. After investigating, we realized it's a recognition result by design. We adjusted the animation speed to solve it.


The coded animation was created by Yung Dai

Support Help Hub

CIBC | Lead UX Designer

Improved the in-App support experience.

The project included:

  • A co-ideation with developer teams

  • Rethink the support experience by combining existing pages ('Help', 'Contact', 'Find Us', 'Inteliresponse'...)

Design Challenges:

  • Create a centralized page with all support and help information

  • Explore a in-flow contextual support

  • Integrate with the future chatbot feature


CIBC | Design Manager

Chatbot was a great feature to make our mobile banking App more intelligent on customer supporting. To design a chatbot, we should have a deep understanding of all transaction flows & the capability of conversational AI.


As a design manager, I helped the team to prioritize the integrated features, consultant on the UX interactions and guided the design of loading experience.


This project was designed by UX designer Gabriella Santos

The loading animation was created by visual designer Madeleine Mahmoudian

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Navigation Redesign

CIBC | Design Manager

Rethink the navigation & structure of the Mobile Banking App.

The project included:

  • Categorize the features & content in the App

  • Redesign the navigation of whole App

  • Introduce bottom navigation to adapt to large screens

Design Challenges:

  • Get support from leaders

  • Influence the future change with all project and design team

  • Get alignment with tech teams and accessibility

As a UX designer, I also contributed to

Cisco WebEx Meeting Client
SAP Healthcare Mobile Solution
SAP Realestate Mobile Solution
ZhongAn Insurance Mobile App & Website
Fruitday Mobile App
CIBC mobile releases and more...

If you're interested in what I did, feel free to say hi
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